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Dennys Coupon

You’d be hard pressed to never have experienced a Denny’s restaurant before. That statement alone makes Denny’s truly a household name. They, of course, are always open. Every day of the week, 365 days a year to serve you no matter the occasion or the time. Patrons aren’t expecting to pay out their nose either as the prices are more than affordable and more times than not, a Dennys coupon can be located to fray the total cost of your meal. Dennys continues to serve hot choices for any meal of the day.

The Denny’s menu is established and well known for their huge selection of offerings, served at any hour of the day. Choose from the ‘Build Your Own Burger and Shakes’ option, to Fit Fare, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Value Menu items, Appetizers, Desserts, Beverages, Kid’s Menu, 55+ Meals, and more. It’s truly a great experience with a selection that is second to none. Many Denny lovers opt for breakfast due to the foods they hear about the most and try the most, including the All-American Slam, the Grand Slamwich, the Fit Slam, the Lumberjack Slam, the French Toast Slam, the Belgian Waffle Slam, the Moons Over My Hammy Omelet, the Veggie-Cheese Omelet and many, many more tasty items.

Digging for a Dennys Coupon

dennys couponDennys is also notorious for the liberal nature of offering Dennys coupons to the public for use in any of their stores. It’s a sign of appreciation for all the meals you’ve come to have at their restaurants. You can find many of these coupons right there on their website. For example, if you enter into the ‘Specials’ section, there’s a list of great Denny’s printable coupons to take advantage of. If it’s your birthday or it is near, get a FREE Grand Slam. Also, learn more about Denny’s participation in the Kids Live Well program where they isolate a number of menu items that meet nutritional criteria. Kids can take advantage of these particular menu items between 4p and 10p each day for free!

Additionally, by joining Denny’s Email club, you earn the right to receive exclusive Denny’s coupons and informational news right to your inbox to take advantage of even more great saving opportunities. Just enter your name, email address, birthday and zip code to get one step closer to saving. It’s really a no-brainer because if you don’t want to get additional email from Denny’s, feel free to opt out at any time.

Finding Denny’s Printable Coupons on External Websites

Besides staking out the Denny’s homepage for sweet coupons to use in their store, it’s also wise to look at other reliable couponing sites like or It’s on sites like these that have thousands of members looking high and low for special discounts, where you can find excellent Denny’s coupons. In fact, just recently there was a 20% Denny’s printable coupon to save on your entire meal. Finding deals like this is commonplace by just putting in a little effort beforehand. Be sure to look for Dennys coupons in 2013 as they seemingly always provide the best of the best after the new year.

The Denny’s Facebook fan page is also a neat place to hang out and become a friend of. They are constantly having contests and events with a good chance to win prizes, which include a Denny’s coupon to use in the store. The fan club consists for over 500,000 members who all share a common love for Denny’s and their food. It’s painfully obvious that Denny’s has made an impact on the American public and will continue to over the years with a driven commitment to excellence and top notch customer service procedures. Continue to urge the need to seek out a Dennys coupon before you head over to your nearest Denny’s restaurant. It will be worth the momentary time and effort to locate one, whether it’s from the Email Club, the birthday list or through outside websites like or their very own Facebook fan page. Denny’s gives out coupons as a way for families to save during hard times and as a thank you for putting them on the map and continuing to frequent their establishments around the world.

Why Eat At Denny’s?

Denny’s used to be called Danny’s Donuts when the first 24 hour diner was opened way back in 1953 by Richard Jezak and Harold Butler in 1953 at Lakewood, California. It shed the name Dan in 1959 when it started expanding to 20 other locations to totally differentiate from Coffee Dan’s another popular café at that time. Today, more than 50 years later, this popular chain of full service restaurant and coffee shop have more than 1,685 outlets 1,593 of which are spread across the 50 U.S. states while the rest are located in other countries.

The highly familiar and popular signage of the restaurant chain can be seen near freeway exits and in service areas along the roads as well as within the vicinity of bars or other nightspots because these are the places where the restaurant chain outlets are for obvious reasons. It operates 24/7 serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner non-stop even on holidays. Understandably, it has to be where people are even during the queerest hour of the day or night. The strategic location of each outlet was actually one of the ingredients that contributed to its success.

Surviving and Expanding Across the Country – Denny’s Restaurants

DennysSince it opened its doors to franchisees, the restaurant chain grew by leaps and bounds. Most of the 1,685 outlets existing today are franchised outlets with another 50 slated to open in southern China by next year. If it is expanding then it must be profitable which means people are flocking t their outlets. The continuing expansion of the restaurant has left many people asking the million dollar question – ‘why eat at Denny’s?

To answer the question squarely, aside from being almost always the only restaurant open during the most unholy hour of the night, this popular family restaurant chain offers great meals at very affordable prices starting at $2, $4, and $8. They also offer great deals on a regular basis like their ‘big your own burger’ deal where you get to choose your own patty, your own base, and your own topping. They simply keep on giving out amazing deals where you can get more value for your money.

Here are more reasons why people eat at this ever popular family restaurant chain because of the Denny’s coupons:

  • Kids eat free! Every Tuesday and Saturday from 4 PM to 10 PM you get up to 2 entrees for kids free with one order of an adult entrée. This is more than enough reason to bring the kids along to any one of their outlets on these days.
  • Get an original Grand Slam for free on your birthday just by presenting any valid ID.
  • Get a chance to win free Grand Slams for life through their 50 State Challenge. With the use of a mobile application which you can download from Google Play Store, you will be challenged to check in to the restaurant chains locations in all 50 states across the country. Details of this cannonball run first to race to 50 outlets are published at the company’s website. Milestone prizes await those who checks in first at every location with the first to check in all 50 outlets winning valuable prizes on top of getting Grand Slams for life.

Apart from the great value meals, the restaurant chain keeps creating good enough reasons for you to keep on eating at their outlets. They are constantly thinking of innovative ways to reward you for loving Denny’s and the reasons given above are just a few of them. You can expect more to come your way.

Eating Out at Your Local Dennys Restaurant

Dennys restaurant is known as America’s diner that is always open. In 1953, Harold Butler opened the first Danny’s Donuts. By 1959, there were over 20 locations of Danny’s Donuts and they name was changed to Dennys. Once the name was changed to Dennys, the menu increased items to offer more of a variety. Sandwiches were added first so they could offer lunch to people. They have been open since 1953 and currently operate over 1,600 locations throughout the world; making this an easy place to find whenever you feel hungry. All locations of this diner are open every hour of every day. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner no matter what time it says on your clock.

What You Can Eat at Dennys Restaurant

Dennys restaurant has a wide variety of menu options that will fit anyone’s appetite. On top of their regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu they also offer a fit fare menu that is structured of healthy options. The dennys restaurantfit fare menu includes the Fit Slam and the Chicken Avocado Sandwich which are both under 550 calories. The value menu is great for people who want to dine out but are on a budget and includes the $4 All you can eat Pancakes and the $2 Biscuit and Gravy with hash browns. Another great addition to their menu is the 55+ menu which is great for senior citizens. Popular items from this menu include the Senior French Toast Slam and the Senior Soup and Salad.

How You Can Save at Your Favorite Diner

This diner offers a rewards programs that will help you save money on selected menu items. The rewards program is great because you do not have to spend any money in order to receive special offers. Most of their Dennys coupons and discounts do not require a minimum purchase to use them in the restaurant. By entering your email through their website or location, you can start receiving exclusive offers instantly. By signing up for the Dennys restaurant reward program, you will also get the latest news on current promotions the diner is participating in. A current popular promotion that they are involved in is the Kids Live Well offer. This special offer for families allows kids to eat free on Tuesdays from 4pm-10pm weekly.

The restaurant has been helping entrepreneurs gain experience and make money for over 50 years now. They are always looking for potential franchise owners who have experience in restaurant management. The initial term for new franchise owners is typically 20 years. The fee to get started in $40,000 and is non-refundable. By paying this fee, you will receive the rights and trademarks to a specified location. Royalty fees are 4% of your restaurant sales. This fee covers operating assistance and other benefits that are included once you become a franchisee. On top of the Royalty fee, there is also an additional advertising fee. The advertising fee is approximately 4% of your sales and covers marketing and national advertising. You can become a franchise owner by going to their website and clicking contact us.

Eating Healthy Off the Dennys Menu

In 1953, Denny’s opened in Lakewood, California and after fifty-nine years, it has become one of the biggest full-service family restaurant chains in America with more than 1,600 branches. It also has outlets in other countries. Going inside this restaurant makes you feel comfortable not only because of the casualness of the place but also because of the affordable prices of the items on the Denny’s menu and the delicious food it serves. You can actually eat healthy food in this restaurant unlike in other fast food chains that serve only fat and calorie-loaded meals.

Particularly Healthy Items From the Dennys Menu

dennys menuIf you are health-conscious and you wish to eat at Denny’s, check the food choices having a fit fare symbol as they are low in both calories and fat. This symbol can be found in the menu so that diners would know what the available healthier food options are. For breakfast, you can get the filling slim slam as it has a piece of grilled ham, a couple of pancakes with a fruit as a topping and egg substitutes. This meal only has nine grams of fat and 530 calories. You can also go for the veggie omelet which is cooked with eggbeaters. It also comes with a piece of dry toast.

When you look at Denny’s menu, you will see that you can have a healthy lunch with the boca burger, a healthier replacement for the usual hamburger. This contains just eleven grams of fat. Instead of French fries as a side item, go for vegetable beef soup or a bowl containing fresh fruit. For dinner, you can have grilled chicken breast that comes with tomato slices and mixed vegetables. This protein-filled meal has only fifteen grams of fat and 400 calories.

You can have a salad at Denny’s but make sure the dressing you use is fat-free. Go for the grilled chicken or the chef salad as these are very healthy. Stay away from deep-fried food such as fish and chips or onion rings and go for broiled or baked menu items instead.

Do not order dessert because the snack items on Denny’s menu are typically loaded with at least 500 calories. You may eat just one ice cream scoop if you crave for something sweet as this has calcium and around 200 calories only. Instead of the sugar-loaded beverages in the menu, drink water, diet soda, hot tea or coffee as these do not have empty calories.

As of 2011, Denny’s also gives away two kiddie meals for free when you visit a participating branch from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and buy an adult entrée costing not less than $2.50. The children must be below 10 years old and they can choose from chicken nuggets, chocolate chip pancakes, pizza and spaghetti.

Denny’s also has treats for seniors which include a 20% discount everyday from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. for members of the AARP. They may also enjoy a cup of coffee for only $1.00 at any time. Seniors may delight in dishes like eggs and Belgian waffles with either sausage or bacon, country-fried steak, cheese sandwiches that are grilled, meatloaf, rice pilaf and grilled shrimps and cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs.

Denny’s menu contains food for everyone, be they young or old, and for those who wish to eat healthily or just want to get a decent meal at a low cost.